Sensei Rob Walker

Rob joined Kimura Shukokai in 2004 after studying various martial arts since the 1970s and achieved his Sandan in 2014. In 2005, he began exploring sport karate, competing in 40 tournaments and enjoyed the technical, social and personal growth aspects of tournament participation. His tournament career highlights are his Provincial Kumite Championship in 2008 and his opportunities to compete for Canada at the biennial Kimura Shukokai World Championships beginning in 2006. Rob trained with the Karate BC Zone 6 team for several years and with the BC Provincial Training Squad. His approach to karate self-defence applications is influenced by his 17 years as a Federal Peace Officer and his interest in traditional kata application (bunkai). Rob is currently a certified provincial tournament referee, a Fit4Defence Instructor and a National Coaching Certification Program coach, Rob is a past president of Karate BC and a Vice-President of the Vancouver Island Zone (6) under Karate BC.

Sensei Sarah Kooijman

Sarah joined Kimura Shukokai in 2004 and achieved her Nidan in 2012. She began competing in 2005, has won numerous medals and is still an active competitor. Her competitive highlights include competing at the 2006 BC Winter Games, winning several medals at Karate BC Provincial Championships and representing Canada at the KSI World Karate Championships since 2006. In addition to many competition-focused training workshops, Sarah trains with the Karate BC Vancouver Island Zone team, and the Canada West Kimura Shukokai Tournament Squad. As well as being a certified  tournament judge,  Fit4Defence Instructor and National Coaching Certification Program coach.